The Caucasity of UX: An Overdue Conversation on Power, Privilege, and Accountability

TLDR: We need to have a conversation about how the dynamics of whiteness impact the UX community and our understanding of being human-centered — and the ways it’s led to harm within the UX Industry. 

In this talk, we’ll be unpacking the impact of overlooking power and privilege in our understanding of being “human-centered,” the realities of systemic racism and silencing within the UX community, and how we might move closer to maturity and accountability as a practice.

This talk will be uncomfortable but avoiding it will only reinforce a shallow point of view of our work, ourselves, and others. Let’s begin doing the work to change that. 

Let’s start choosing courage over comfort together.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
12:00 pm-12:45 pm
45:00 Minutes
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